Profit From Improving Customer Service and Loyalty

Customer Retention Is CRUCIAL To Profitability

EVERY Business Needs Enthusiastic Customers To Generate Referrals!

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Happy Customers Buy Again, And Tell Others!

It Costs Much LESS To Retain Customers Than To Acquire NEW Customers!

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about your friends, family, romance, or business clients – the “formula” for improving relationships is simple:

Improve Relationships By Improving Your Communications!

Send Out Cards provides a unique and inexpensive way to improve BOTH the quality and quantity of your communications!

AND – a way to earn a full-time or part-time income from home by HELPING others use Send Out Cards to build relationships! Read on…

Ask yourself, what would you value more:

- an email or text message or Facebook comment, or…
- a personalized greeting card, addressed to you by name and including a photo of your friend (maybe even a link to a video from your friend?)

As the customer who recently purchased an expensive product or service, which would show the business’ appreciation more:

- a form letter from the “sales department”, or …
- a personalized greeting card, addressed to you by name, and maybe including a photo of you with your new purchase? (For example, standing next to your new car, or on the steps of your new house?)

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t do ANYTHING to acknowledge your purchase decision! They instinctively know that they SHOULD be doing more. They just don’t know what to do or have the time to invent a follow-up program.

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Learn How To Earn With Send Out Cards

Welcome to Send Out Cards!

Send Out Cards is the largest printer of fully digitized cards in the world!
Send Out Cards has printed, addressed, and mailed OVER 80 MILLION personalized cards since 2005!
Send Out Cards is the largest user of U.S. postage (each card includes a physical stamp) in the country!
Send Out Cards custom prints, personalizes, stuffs, and stamps 10′s of THOUSANDS of cards EACH day, with a 24-hour turnaround!
Send Out Cards has mailed over 3 MILLION gifts with cards!
Send Out Cards delivers personalized greetings WORLDWIDE!

Send Out Cards has developed the technology to MAXIMIZE your effective communications with friends, family, and business clients – ALL from the comfort of your home or office. No running to the store to buy overpriced, generic, impersonal cards ever again!

Send Out Cards has been compared to NetFlix, Amazon, and iTunes which have revolutionized commerce and displaced “old” established brands like BlockBuster, Borders, and Fye, among others.

Send Out Cards has introduced this new, instant, custom digital printing capability to the $100 BILLION gift and greeting card industry!

Send Out Cards users are BOTH individuals AND businesses!

Send Out Cards subscribers:
- Create custom greeting cards (or postcards or “Big Cards”) from a library of THOUSANDS of suggested designs for ALL occasions and purposes.
- Customize these cards with personalized messages, recipient names, graphics, and photos.
- Create cards which can include QR codes linking to websites, videos, and more photos!
- Can add (at their option) gifts or gift cards. The most popular gifts are Starbucks gift cards or fresh fudge brownies!
- Create other custom products using their photos or Send Out Cards templates, including business cards, photo calendars, photo books, and even canvas prints.

Whether they are individuals or businesses, Send Out Cards subscribers:

Save money. Save time. Improve communications. Build relationships.

This convenience and improved communication system has generated OVER $225 MILLION in revenue – and has paid MILLIONS in commissions to SOC Distributors who have made others aware of these great benefits!

Would you like to learn more about the Send Out Cards business opportunity? Watch this brief video that provides an overview of the Send Out Cards opportunity. Then fill out the form below and receive FULL details!

You are asking, “Can I Do This?”

The “business” could NOT be simpler:

1. Tell a few people about using Send Out Cards for their personal or business use.

2. When you find other people who love the Send Out Cards system, help them do the same!

That’s it!

Learn more about the Send Out Cards opportunity to help others AND earn a full-time or part-time income from home. Follow this link…

The average American purchases 10 greeting cards per year. BUT they have the NEED to SEND 70 – or more – cards per year! (Taking into account birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, condolences, weddings, etc…) In addition, at least half the time, they would like to include a gift if it was convenient and cost-effective!

Why don’t they send out more?
- The inconvenience of shopping for cards.
- The poor selection of generic cards that don’t match their preferred messages.
- The impersonal nature of stock cards.
- They forget dates, or remember too late!
- After all this, they dislike paying premium prices for non-personalized cards!

Send Out Cards addresses ALL these shortcomings. Send Out Cards not only provides a BETTER product for LESS, it makes the task of sending a card – or thousands of cards – simple and automated!

Learn more about the Send Out Cards opportunity! Click HERE!

  • Learn more about Send Out Cards…
  • Send a card for FREE to try the system…
  • Receive a card and be impressed!

 Send Out Cards Business Opportunity

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