Making Money In The New Economy


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Making Money In The New Economy

What would you be able to do if you were making more money?

  • Pay off debts?
  • Buy a different (or your first) house? Maybe an investment property?
  • Send your kids to private school? Stay home and teach them yourself?
  • Travel?
  • Retire?

The thing is, to make more money YOU are going to have to do something different. It doesn’t make sense to think that you can continue to do the same things and make more money.

In “the old days” there were some jobs that had a reliable record of providing wage increases year after year. Those days are gone!

Face the facts: we live in a global economy that is interconnected. Ask yourself: why would any employer pay you 20 to 100 times more than they can have the SAME job done overseas?

And why would they keep you on the payroll if the job can be automated and accomplished (flawlessly, 24/7 with no breaks or vacations or sick leave or health insurance, etc.) by a machine or a cheap computer?

Even if you have a “secure” job that requires your personal skills, there is no guarantee that your company won’t be acquired by a larger firm that wants to increase profits by downsizing the workforce.

The global economy has changed. NEWS FLASH: the economy is NOT going to change back!

This section of my blog is dedicated to timely information on ways to earn more money. These may include a home business that you can run part-time along with your current job. Or careers that can potentially replace your old job entirely!

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I will categorize these blog posts under “Making Money” to make them easier to locate.

I also watch investment trends – although I won’t offer investment advice. My goal is to help you sift through the sometimes contradictory information. This information will also be closely tied to the financial news I am watching (see also the Finances page.)

Are you ready to MAXIMIZE your income?

Then you are going to NEED to be in business for yourself! (At least on a part-time basis. But I can show you how to make more money part-time than you are currently making full-time!)

Check out the sections in this Making Money category. There is no single BEST solution for everyone. Everyone’s circumstances are different – and are continually changing! One option may be best for you today. Another option (or combination of options) may be best in the future.

No matter what you decide, please take advantage of the FREE Marketing resources that I provide in the Marketing Training section!

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 Making Money

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Randy Reek

Randy writes about topics that affect your finances, including Making Money and Saving Money. Randy is especially passionate about entrepreneurship. The Marketing Training section includes EXACTLY what Randy is using NOW to earn a full-time income as an online marketer - and how you can do the same! If you think any of the posts or articles would be interesting to others, please forward to your contacts. Follow Randy also on Twitter and Facebook!

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