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Achieve A Firm Belief In MLM In 45-Seconds:

Learn How To Own Your Life With A Home-Based Business

A presentation by Don Failla that will change your life…

multiple streams Belief In MLM In 45 Seconds: How To Own Your Life

The Power of Residual Income

Once you understand the power of residual income, you will be self-motivated to persevere.

Once everyone in your organization understands the power of residual income, they will persevere. Attrition will become a non-issue!

This post is a follow-up to a previous post, The $300 Solution.

If You Don’t BELIEVE In Network Marketing, Here Are Some Facts:

You might no know the REAL TRUTH about multi-level marketing.

Review and understand the following numbers:


The ultimate goal for many people who become independent representatives for a network marketing opportunity is an income of $10,000 per month.

$10,000 per month is “walk away money” for most people. This puts the earner in the top 5% of income earners in the U.S. $10,000 per month ($120,000 per year) is DOUBLE what most “successful” people earn in their J.O.B. With little in savings and an epidemic of foreclosures!

Just imagine earning $10,000 per month in residual income from your home-based network marketing business!

That would be the equivalent of living on the interest from $6 MILLION in the bank!

The question is: outside of a network marketing residual income, how are you going to accumulate $6 million dollars? That is, SAVE $6 million AFTER taxes and all your household expenses?

The answer – and the bad news for 99.9% of Americans is that this level of wealth will be virtually impossible!

Unfortunately, many people get involved in network marketing, and then quit in less than six months because they are not YET making $10,000 per month!

That is called attrition. Attrition accounts for a turnover of as many as 80% of mlm reps each year!

These people do not understand the value of “getting rich quick, the SLOW way” (as Jordan Adler advises in his book, Beach Money.)

People who quit MLM don’t realize that:


1. 90% of your results come from the last 10% of the efforts you expend.

2. Residual income is cumulative. You need to commit to consistent efforts over a 3 to 5 year period.

It is possible to earn “Beach Money” in 3 to 5 years! This is an income that could not be duplicated in 40 years of corporate America!

It is also crucial to understand that you don’t go from zero to $10,000 per month overnight, or even in a straight line!

Before you can earn $10,000 per month in network marketing you have to earn $1,000 per month. And before you can earn $1,000 per month, you have to earn $100 and then $400 per month!


So let’s take the comparison between residual income and interest or investment income a little further…

Did you know that earning $400 per month in residual income from your network marketing business is equal to the interest you would earn on $200,000 in the bank?

Think about that. Earning just $400 per month would be like someone making a $200,000 deposit in your bank account! Your tiny business would be generating the same income!

Let’s cut the numbers in half: earning $200 per month would require a balance of $100,000 in the bank! Do you have $100,000 in the bank?

Which will be easier to attain? $200 in commissions from your network marketing business or saving $100,000?

Side note: the business that Randy promotes and recommends pays you FIVE WAYS, plus bonuses of up to $500 for new representative referrals. Which is easier: recruiting a few retail customers and/or a new representative per month or saving $200,000? In addition, representatives earn residual commissions on the LIFETIME retail purchases of their customers!

Also note: 80% of bankruptcies could have been avoided with JUST an additional $200 to $400 in monthly income!


MOST people don’t join a network marketing company to earn $10,000 per month! They join to earn $200 to $400 per month!

Watch the following two short videos as Don Failla explains the power of residual income and gives more examples:

Millions of people are facing an uncertain economic future. Some young families will endure a lower standard of living than their parents. Many “baby boomers” will never be able to retire.

I invite you to watch these videos several times. Understand the power of adding $100, $200, then $400, and then $1,000 per month to your income. Is there any other system that provides the same “return on investment”?

Are you looking for an alternative? Are you searching for a system that can provide $200 to $400 per month – with the potential for $10,000 per month in 3 to 5 years? Then I invite you to CLICK HERE(or on the image below) to learn more about the business that Randy recommends – a business that provides REAL benefits to our BUSINESS customers!/h4>

local search engine optimization 500 Belief In MLM In 45 Seconds: How To Own Your Life

Local Search Engine Optimization

bookmark Belief In MLM In 45 Seconds: How To Own Your Life
 Belief In MLM In 45 Seconds: How To Own Your Life

Randy Reek

Randy writes about topics that affect your finances, including Making Money and Saving Money. Randy is especially passionate about entrepreneurship. The Marketing Training section includes EXACTLY what Randy is using NOW to earn a full-time income as an online marketer - and how you can do the same! If you think any of the posts or articles would be interesting to others, please forward to your contacts. Follow Randy also on Twitter and Facebook!

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Why Women Are Great Network Marketers: MLM Is A Perfect Fit For Women

Are Women Better At What Defines Success In Network Marketing?

Top 10 Reasons Professional Women Are Choosing Network Marketing – and How to Attract Them to Your Team!

sonia stringer Why Women Are Great Network Marketers: MLM Is A Perfect Fit For Women

Sonia Stringer

This is a reprint of an article previously posted on Networking Times By Sonia Stringer

Sonia writes:

In the last ten years, more and more women are leaving the corporate world to start their own businesses. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the number of women-owned businesses grew by 44 percent between 1997 and 2007—twice as fast as men-owned firms. Given the state of today’s economy and the numbers of women who’ve been laid off, more women than ever are leaving traditional careers and starting their own businesses from home.

Professional women have plenty of options when deciding to go into business for themselves—but more of them are taking a serious look at network marketing and direct selling companies as their new career path. What’s the appeal?

There are plenty of reasons, and if you’d like to recruit these aces into your team, you’ll want to understand what’s motivating them and be sure to highlight these benefits in your recruiting conversations!

Here are the top 10 reasons women are leaving the corporate world for network marketing and direct sales:

1. Tired of the Corporate Grind. In the 70′s and 80′s, many women loved their new-found independence and the opportunity to slip on a suit and drive off to a swanky corner office. But today’s savvy gal is just as happy to pull on comfortable yoga pants and skip the commute altogether. Instead of tolerating office politics and glass ceilings, professional women are falling in love with the opportunity to be their own boss, have control over their schedules, and no limits on their annual income.

2. Craving More Work-Life Balance. For most women, competing in the corporate world has meant sacrificing many things, the hardest being any semblance of balance in their lives. As many women strive to be the super-employee, super-mom, super-wife, etc., the majority feel super-stressed and totally burned out.

Having more control over their schedules, and more time for themselves or their families is one of the strongest motivators for women to start a network marketing business. They love the idea of being able to attend their kid’s soccer games, or take a break from calling customers to squeeze in a yoga class. Network marketing is one of those rare opportunities where women can truly have it all—both a great income AND a high-quality life.

3. Working As Part of a Team. Most career women have worked in team environments, so the idea of leaving that kind of environment to start a business all alone is quite daunting. (Too much isolation… next thing you know, you’re talking to yourself and tweeting soap stars!) Network marketing and direct sales offers the perfect blend, where women have total say in how they build their businesses, along with the opportunity to collaborate and receive ongoing support from others.

4. Opportunity to Choose Who You Work With. Many professional gals bear the battle scars of dealing with difficult bosses and cut-throat colleagues. Perhaps the most enticing idea about direct sales is the level of choice it provides. You have the final say over who you work with every day (whether a new customer, or new business partner). You’ll never have to meet with Mr. Dragon-Breath-Please-Have-a-Mint or report to Ms. I’m-Having-a-Bad-Day-and-so-Should-You ever again.

5. Necessity and Security. Let’s be real: not every gal who starts her own business does it because it’s her first choice. The majority of people laid off when the economy tanked in recent years were women, and with job prospects slim, becoming self-employed was the only option for many. However, once women get over the initial shock of an unplanned career change, most are eternally grateful to be on a more rewarding path, where they never have to worry about getting another unexpected pink slip again.

6. Low Start-up Costs and Monthly Overhead. The start-up costs of most businesses create a real barrier for women. If you want to open a retail store, you need capital to rent a location, purchase inventory, and advertise. You are risking a lot financially if things don’t go as planned. In network marketing, the start-up costs are minimal, and there’s very little overhead month to month. The internet has cut these costs even further; no need to fill your garage with product. Customers can buy directly from the company, from anywhere in the world, without you having to spend any of your own money upfront.

7. Cool Rewards and Incentives. Unlike many corporations, network marketing companies make a huge effort to recognize and reward their distributors. They value you and your contributions, and aren’t afraid to show it.

Incentives are offered at every level of business development—and hey, what woman doesn’t love to be showered with cash bonuses, jewelry, exciting trips, and even cars just for doing your job and making a great income in the process?

8. Bye-Bye Glass Ceiling. Sad, but true: women in most professions are still being paid less than male employees in similar positions. Although progress has been made in some areas, the proverbial glass ceiling is alive and well in corporate America. Network marketing and direct sales offers a complete level playing field, where gender bias does not play a part in your income. With 82 percent of the profession made up of women, more and more are rising to the top, claiming multi-six and seven-figure annual incomes in the process, and modeling a new way of wealth creation for women across the world.

9. Free Up Your Time. Network marketing is one of the few business models where women can truly enjoy more of what we never have enough of: time! The leveraged model of network marketing doesn’t just give women more freedom in how they set up their schedule on any given day, but how much freedom they can enjoy over a lifetime.

It’s not uncommon for former career women to start a direct sales/network marketing business, and within two to five years have replaced (or increased their income) and be enjoying a lot more free time in their lives. Very few business opportunities can create that kind of rapid return or ultimate freedom and lifestyle.

And, finally, perhaps the most important reason of all…

10. Get Paid Well to Be Who You Are. For most women, working in the corporate world has meant checking their femininity at the door and becoming smaller versions of who they really are. To compete alongside men, women have been encouraged to hide their emotions and put on their game face constantly. As a result, many women working in these environments find them very unfulfilling. In network marketing, the situation is almost the complete opposite.

Feminine traits are not just welcomed, they are encouraged! This business model thrives on the values of nurturing, support, collaboration, and authenticity—all inherently feminine traits. The more women show up as themselves in this business, the more successful they become.

Savvy women everywhere are looking for the opportunity to escape unfulfilling jobs, and enter into a new rewarding career path. Recruiting these women into your team is about the smartest thing you can do, and to do so you must understand what motivates them the most. Help them recognize that your business is not just a way to make money but also a way to experience more balance, time with family, the opportunity to make a difference, and to be successful, without sacrificing themselves in the process. If you do, you’ll no doubt attract many of these aces to your team and create a win-win opportunity for everyone.

Thanks, Sonia for the great article!

I would add that network marketing and direct sales is most successful for those who are naturally relational. This describes women more often than men!

In the past, most salespeople were men. The “hard sell” was the norm. Plus, during a “down” economy, salesmen were forced to be aggressive in order to meet ever increasing quotas. Often meeting these quotas meant longer hours, more travel, and “cut throat” tactics. Some men overcame and thrived; other men and many women were turned off by this sales environment.

All of this coincides with the “New School of Network Marketing” written about by Kim Klaver. See also my review of her training and a link to her “Customer Enchilada” course in the Bonus Training section of my blog.

As Kim also points out, many women (and men) aren’t necessarily looking for a full-time income from their network marketing home-based business. Some may actually start a business on the side as a way to find fulfillment and social validation outside of their regular job! Other networkers are just looking for a supplement to their regular income. Still others realize that eliminating commuting expenses, day care, and office wardrobe, and other “work expenses” would allow them to earn much less in their home-based business!

For more information on the network marketing opportunity that Randy uses and recommends, CLICK HERE, or on the image below…

rep head banner 5001 Why Women Are Great Network Marketers: MLM Is A Perfect Fit For Women

Earn Residual Income

Not sure if network marketing is for you? Want to learn more? Check out Randy’s FREE “Lifestyle Trainer” website for many free videos and short articles with more information about this amazing profession. Click Here or on the image below for free information:

what if you owned your life banner 500 Why Women Are Great Network Marketers: MLM Is A Perfect Fit For Women

Are You Ready To Own Your Life?

bookmark Why Women Are Great Network Marketers: MLM Is A Perfect Fit For Women
 Why Women Are Great Network Marketers: MLM Is A Perfect Fit For Women

Randy Reek

Randy writes about topics that affect your finances, including Making Money and Saving Money. Randy is especially passionate about entrepreneurship. The Marketing Training section includes EXACTLY what Randy is using NOW to earn a full-time income as an online marketer - and how you can do the same! If you think any of the posts or articles would be interesting to others, please forward to your contacts. Follow Randy also on Twitter and Facebook!

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Obituary. Old School MLM Dies at 50

Out With The Old; In With The New (and Better!)

The following is a reprint of a post by Kim Klaver, originally posted on December 22nd, 2006

tombstone Obituary of Old School Network Marketing

Old School MLM Is Dead

I am reprinting this article – originally posted eight years ago.

Reason: MANY networkers still don’t get it! Relationships count; hard sells are dead!

Kim writes…

Old School network marketing (aka Old School MLM), the business model that gave millions of average people an opportunity to own their own business, died on Wednesday in cyberspace. It is believed he was about 50.

Old School died of complications from a terminal image problem and a misguided focus on big money. He had been ill for some years, weakened by excessive recruiting, mercenary tactics and customer neglect. Doctors identified the most harmful tactics that accelerated the spread of the fatal image: hype, promising quick money, telling half-truths, and selling out friendships.

Old School thrived during periods of economic recession, giving hope to millions of people. Some made fortunes, and their rags-to-riches stories drew millions seeking theirs.

Although most Old School students did not realize the promise of big money, many earned a little. More importantly, they found an occupation that gave meaning to their lives through the benefits of a product or service they believed in and loved.

Many formed new social networks they’ve enjoyed for years. Many got their health back from the products they used. Many basked in recognition they had never experienced before. They called the opportunity that Old School gave them “living the dream.”

The nutritional supplements boom got a jump start from Old School’s marketing momentum. The majority of new supplements were introduced by network marketers who educated a public that had been raised on medication and surgery.

Despite all the good things Old School spawned, the fallout from the image cancer that had been quietly spreading for years finally overcame him. He passed attended by throngs of NM/MLM faithful.

He is survived by his 17-year old daughter New School, and her many stepchildren.

New School urges network marketers not to abandon their past, but let it help guide the future. She predicts that in time and with consistent practice in the new approaches, network marketing will become a jewel in mainstream American business.

I felt it was important to reprint this article by Kim Klaver because it seems that many in the network marketing industry still haven’t heard the news.

Like zombies that refuse to die, it seems that “Old School” MLM is still being taught and advocated.

Unfortunately, the “Old School” infects network marketing distributors with a terminal virus. To protect themselves, friends and neighbors hurry to cross to the other side of the street if they see the “Old School” networker. Many even try to avoid contact with these zombies via the telephone and email – just to be safe!

But – there is GOOD news! There is an antidote to “Old School” MLM!

Kim created an entire course that outlines her approach to “New School” marketing in MLM (and business in general!) Please check out Kim’s website, and look for the “Customer Enchilada“, a full audio course with 12 sections.

I have also included a review of her 11-point Network Marketing New School Manifesto in the Bonus Training section under Marketing Training. You can download Kim’s free 11-Point Manifesto Summary pdf HERE.

Want to learn more about the “New School” of MLM, including a 45-second presentation that will change your life – and your business? CLICK HERE or on the image below for more information and a series of FREE videos:

iownmyliferr468banner Obituary of Old School Network Marketing

Learn How To Own Your Life With Network Marketing!

bookmark Obituary of Old School Network Marketing
 Obituary of Old School Network Marketing

Randy Reek

Randy writes about topics that affect your finances, including Making Money and Saving Money. Randy is especially passionate about entrepreneurship. The Marketing Training section includes EXACTLY what Randy is using NOW to earn a full-time income as an online marketer - and how you can do the same! If you think any of the posts or articles would be interesting to others, please forward to your contacts. Follow Randy also on Twitter and Facebook!

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The $300 Solution: How to Overcome MLM Attrition

The $300 Solution, by Randolph A. Byrd

Building a network marketing downline REQUIRES that you help new reps MAKE MONEY!

peoplegraph The $300 Solution: How to Overcome MLM Attrition

Your 30 Day Success Plan in MLM

(This article is over 20 years old – but the solid truth is unchanged and just as applicable today!)

This article was reprinted on Dale Calvert’s website:, which also contains other articles by top networkers including Mark Yarnell, Len Clements, John Milton Fogg, and others. 24 timeless articles in all! See Dale’s comments following this article (and follow the various links to evaluate the training programs he offers.)

My comments are noted (in bold) within this reprint as well…

SUMMARY: The key to keeping representatives in your organization is to get them to the benchmark of a $300 commission check as quickly as possible – ideally within three to six months.

Your training, goal setting, and business building strategies should be focused on that first all-important mile-stone.

“I know that in Network Marketing, the only way to fail is to quit. But I’m having trouble convincing people in my Network about that. How do I get them to stay involved long enough to start seeing some success?”

This is one of those truly great “Great Questions” that comes up again and again, and there are lots of great ways to answer it:
• Making sure your people are motivated by helping them stay clear on what their own personal goals are . . .
• Making sure they have the tools they need and know how to use them . . .
• Making sure their efforts are supported by 3-way calls and meetings until they’ve got their “sea-legs” securely under them…

ALL of these are sound approaches. But there’s another answer – one that’s perhaps more basic and essential.

Let’s take a nuts-n-bolts, run-the-numbers, practical look at the conditions you’ve got to create for your people to get involved and stay involved.

There are two things which prevent most Networkers from achieving success:

1. They don’t make $300 per month quickly enough, and
2. Their downline doesn’t either!

Surprised? You’re not alone.

But the truth is that $300 is the income-earning threshold below which there is no Network Sales Organization! Why? Because there are simply no Networkers to form an organization!

People who make $300 a month in this business stick around. People who don’t – don’t. It’s that simple.

keyboard frustration The $300 Solution: How to Overcome MLM Attrition

Achieve Success, Avoid Frustration In MLM

Networking Enemy #1 – Attrition

No one in networking likes to talk about attrition. Why Not? Because it undermines the profession’s primary positive benefit that we recite in our prospecting routines.

You know the rap: “You sponsor 10 people, and they sponsor 10 people, and they…and pretty soon…”

Now, how successful would you be as a prospector if you said instead: “You sponsor 10 people, and then 9 drop out, and then the one who’s left sponsors 10 people, and nine of THEM will drop out, and then…”

Doesn’t sound like much of a positive pitch, now, does it? But it is the truth – or at least, it has been for most Networkers.

Statistically, attrition rates in Network Marketing average about 80 to 90% per year. That means 8 or 9 out of every 10 distributors drop out of their organizations (and most out of networking altogether) within a year or less of signing up.

Factually, that’s no different than mainstream business start-ups, where 8 or 9 out of 10 fail within the first year!

But what really hurts is that 80 to 90% of your efforts are lost . . . before they’ve had the chance to be successful. As Dayle Maloney says, “The problem with most Network Marketers is that they quit before payday.”

But what causes this drop-out rate? And what can be done about it?

Ask open-ended questions like that and you’re bound to get long, equally open-ended answers. CEOs and distributors alike have given us all sorts of philosophies on why distributors leave our profession.

But to find the truth, let’s rephrase the question: at what point do Networkers NOT drop out of their organization?

Specifically, how many dollars per month in compensation does an MLMer have to earn before a high percentage do NOT drop out? Just about all we spoke with answered, “$300 to $400 a month, sustained for at least 2 or 3 months.”

And “by when” do they have to make that amount? 6 to 9 months is best, with 1 year being the longest time allotted. And if they don’t? They leave the organization at a rate of 80 to 90% per year.

Randy’s note: 6 to 9 months is probably too long in the current market and economy. People have too short an attention span, especially with “new, shiny objects” in the form of MLM’s being pitched at them on a DAILY basis. I would recommend achieving the $300 per month goal in 2 to 3 months – if not the FIRST month! With the sales and marketing funnel I have recommended this is very reasonable – and even part of the fast start training that Randy provides.

In addition, our team in ICAN has a REAL program to earn a $500 bonus ON THE FIRST DAY!!!

The article continues:
And if they do achieve $300 a month? They stay on board and usually become even more successful.

So why don’t most Networkers ever get to the $300 per month level?

• Poor prospecting and sponsoring,
• Lack of knowledge about this industry and how Network Marketing really works,
• Unrealistic expectations.

The common “pie in the sky, get rich quick” approach can set up your new distributor for failure almost immediately, because the truth is that 98% of all Networkers DO NOT EVER reach those soaring heights of success – and certainly not within just a year.

This creates a “lottery” mentality that in turn creates delusional dreams about what this business has to offer . . . and then dashes them.

Randy’s note: any networker that recruits new distributors with a “get rich quick” promise not only destroys his or her personal credibility, but damages the image of the entire network marketing industry. Experienced and hyper-successful networker, Jordan Adler, has a different motto: Get Rich Quick, the Slow Way! (If you consider 3 to 5 years “slow”?)

In other words, be up front and recruit on the honest projection that the new networker will NOT get rich in a few months. In reality, building a downline network will be a relatively slow process that will likely show only small gains for 6 to 12 months! The same is true about slowly building a base of retail customers – and these are the sales that generate residual income! But, unfortunately, most MLMers quit before this! Or, as stated above, “The problem with most Network Marketers is that they quit before payday.”

So lay out a conservative plan to earn $300 in the first 30 to 90 days. Don’t promise a “pay day” other than this without a 6-month commitment, including assignments and checkpoints along the way!

We have a common misconception in this business that $300 is such small potatoes, it’s not even worth mentioning. There’s the wonderful story about a man who went into the business with the goal of making $300 a month. Not $10,000 or $20,000. Just make $300 a month.

The man achieved that goal fairly easily and stayed at that $300 income level for a number of years. He didn’t seem very ambitious – so he was asked about this. As it turned out, the man had taken his initial $300 and accelerated the mortgage payment on his home, paying it off in record time. He then used his free-n-clear equity to buy a second property, rented it out, and applied the “extra” $300 in the same manner he had with his own house. In less than 5 years, he ended up owning 5 income properties and was virtually financially set for the rest of his life. All by virtue of the $300 a month he had earned in Networking.

Enter the $300 Solution:
• What would happen if you told your downline (or yourself) that the first step to MLM success is to get to that $300 a month level within 6 to 9 months – or even a year?
• What would happen to their expectations now?
• What would happen if you told them the real truth about this business: when a distributor reaches a monthly compensation of $300 per month he/she will not drop out! This is a point of no return!

When they get to that $300 level, you and/or your group MUST recognize and acknowledge their level of achievement. After all, in this recognition business, $300 a month is a “rite of passage.” Call it a coming of age and celebrate it like a birthday. This sets up a great expectation for your entire group.

Imagine for a moment that you told your downline that the amount necessary to achieve the no-going-back level was $2,000 instead of the real $300 level? The $300 milestone would go by unnoticed, as their expectation is $2000 for the first level of real success. But share the $300 Solution with them and make a public celebration out of every distributor achieving this level and they will not drop out, because they have learned to expect that distributors earning $300 monthly do not quit.

Once they learn the truth about this business, they will operate within that truth! It will become the law of nature in Network Marketing Sales.

Note also the difference in their attitude when they achieve only $150 per month.
Within the old paradigm of “getting rich”, $150 would have left them feeling like (and therefore being!) a failure. Now, when they reach $150, they’ll say, “I’m half-way home!” What a difference!

So, how do we get to that magical $300 per month benchmark? You and your downline are half-way there already, because you are now armed with the knowledge of the $300 Solution!

If you want more of your people to stick with it – and with you, too – inject the $300 Solution into your teaching and training routine. Don’t be afraid of scaring off those “heavy hitters”. Those folks will quickly see the virtue of a system that has hundreds and hundreds of part-time Networkers all earning enough to STAY IN BUSINESS.

Dale Calvert’s Comments on the “$300 Solution” Article:

About a month ago I was having a conversation with a gentleman who is a Top 10 money earner with a two-level pay plan. He was frustrated, his group was stagnant and he was trying to figure out why. The conversation went something like this. “How many people does a distributor have to sponsor in your company in order to make $300 a month?”

My response was zero. Zero, how could it be Zero? They have to sponsor at least one if they are going to make any money!

No, Zero. That is impossible! Is it? He thought for a minute and then he said, “Well I hope you aren’t talking about retailing the product because I hate to retail!

I wanted to SCREAM YOU AREN’T THE ISSUE!! Successful people are willing to do for a short period of time what most people aren’t so they can do for the rest of their life what most people can’t!

The reason most people don’t like to retail is because their company offers fabulous high quality products that everybody needs, but that nobody wants! That statement changed my life! My entire MLM/Direct Sales career I had products and services that everyone needed, but nobody wanted.

It is very common for distributors who have never sold a thing in their life to enter our business and put $100, $300, $500 or more in their pocket their first week, just retailing the product.

I just got a message today from a couple in Alabama who sold 17 cases of product, over 200 bottles their first month in the program. That type of sales is not common, but it happens for a few new distributors in our organization every month. They have earned well over $2,300 in retail profits their first month in the business!

There are always going to be people who enter a MLM program expecting the marketing plan, the product, or the company to make them rich. They have a lottery mentality. They sign up, and then never get up off the couch.

However, there are a lot of hard working dedicated distributors in this industry who are frustrated simply because their company offers them no TRUE RETAIL opportunity.

Randy’s note: the issue of a product that is WORTHY of being retailed is CRUCIAL in choosing your network marketing company! You need to ask yourself – honestly – would I use this product IF NOT for the income opportunity? Will retail customers buy this product without ANY interest in the business opportunity? If the answer is NO – you need to find another company!

The BEST distributors for any company are the biggest evangelists for the products and services!

While it is true that many (if not most) distributors are content to have access to the MLM products at wholesale prices, the most successful distributors also have a solid customer base.

This fact is why the ICAN is built upon retail customers that are small businesses!

EVERY small business needs more customers and needs to sell more to their existing customers. We help them do that – and we get paid residual income EVERY month for helping them increase bottom-line profits!

You may not want a retail opportunity, you may not need a retail opportunity, but believe me, the masses in your organization will!

Why are we so strong on retailing? Because it solves the $300 Solution. Besides, we don’t teach our people to retail, just for the profits. We teach a very systematic, step by step method for retailing to recruit! Approximately 80% of the people who join our company each month are satisfied retail customers first! Wow! Imagine what that does for our retention!

A recent publication by the Direct Selling Association stated that 90% of the people who join a network marketing company do so because they love the products!

A very important question: how can you find people who love the products, when you aren’t selling any of them? Wow! Downplaying “internal consumption” is a mistake by the well-intentioned “experts” who don’t know any better, and have no clue as to what you and I want and need.

Randy’s note: as mentioned at the beginning of this article, some truths are timeless. The network marketing industry, which includes over 2,000 companies distributing over $30 BILLION per year in goods and services in the U.S. alone, can be summarized as millions of independent volunteers who use and recommend the products, and find lots of others to do the same. In other words, it’s a lot of people doing a little bit each.

While there are many examples of networking “mega stars” that are displayed as examples of what is possible, the reality is that most MLMers are quite content to earn a car or house payment each month.

It all starts with the belief that bigger things are possible. You are literally one person away from a breakout explosion of your downline. And that person can be many levels removed from your personal recruiting. But first, you need to stay “until pay day!” You need to make that first $300, and help everyone you recruit do the same.

To learn more about the profitable residual income opportunity that Randy uses and recommends, follow this link or click on the image below.

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Earn Residual Income

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 The $300 Solution: How to Overcome MLM Attrition

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